Covid-19 Information

Covid-19 Information

This post will be updated as new information regarding the situation emerges.

— Update 10/9 —

We have decided to open up Festningen for all of our members to come and hold study groups, project meetings and meet other active members. You can book rooms through your Podio account. If your account is not connected to the F.E.St. workspace, contact HoIT at

Opening hours: 

— Update 4/9 —

Stockholm University has opened up some venues for studying purposes, while most communication will continue online. Study places are available at Studenthuset, Stockholm University Library and Studentpalatset at Odenplan, while all facilities in Kräftriket will remain closed.

Read more here


Update 12/6

Dear members,

It is asked that all work be continued remotely. However if the use of Festningen is needed, members´ access will not be restricted. 

The Swedish guidelines and recommendations for Covid-19 are still in effect!

Update 19/3

Föreningen Ekonomerna

Due to the ongoing situation, it is with a lot of sadness that the board has decided to continue to keep Festningen closed, aswell as cancelling/postponing events that are due in the near future. Since we (unfortunately) can’t predict the future Festningen is going to be closed until further notice. Even though it is a dull decision for the board to make, due to the nature of the ongoing situation it is important that we as a student association take our social responsibility and follow the guidelines from Stockholm University, as well as Folkhälsomyndigheten. We hope to see you all as soon as the situation has calmed down a bit!


Stockholm University has decided in accordance to the (at this time) state regulations, to close their venues for everyone but their employees from March 18th until further notice. Hence the study areas at the campus won’t be accessible. Due to this decision all courses and exams will be taught and performed through alternative ways, mostly through digital aids. The head of courses are responsible for finding suitable solutions.

Find the statement from SU’s president here:


Update 17/3

Stockholm University Senior Management Team decided on March 16th that Stockholm University will switch to online teaching and examinations as a way to contribute to reducing the spread of infection and at the same time continue to be able to conduct business. Based on the Swedish government’s announcement on March 17th, the transition to online education or alternative forms of teaching will take place from March 18th. Stockholm University works intensively at both central and departmental level to ensure that the transition to digital solutions is as smooth as possible and can include as many teaching opportunities as possible. Various alternatives for measures that are difficult or impossible to implement digitally are being considered and are expected to have solutions shortly. Decisions regarding the opening of premises and continued functioning of the campus are expected to be made during the day. (From SU’s website)

Find the article here:


Original Post 13/3

Dear members,

In light of the current situation with Covid-19 (corona virus), the board has taken the decision to close Festningen the coming week, March 16th to March 23rd. This entails that all events and meetings the coming week are cancelled.

The board will continue to monitor the situation and are in continual dialogue with Stockholm Business School. Any further restrictions to our operations will be discussed and decided at the next board meeting on March 18th.

We ask all students to stay updated on what local authorities are recommending as well as what the University’s policy is.

The University’s Policy:

For any further questions regarding how your education is impacted, we advise you to contact your respective head of course. If unsure, contact
For any other questions, contact


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