The Education Committee is the students’ voice in educational matters towards Stockholm Business School (SBS) through its participation in several councils and boards.In collaboration with the Head of Education in the Board, the committee runs queries regarding student matters and represents the students’ point of view when concerning larger matters in SBS. In addition to this, a variety of projects, like the Excel Course, are held yearly with the aim of enriching students’ academic skills.Through discussion and cooperation, the Education Committee improves the quality of education in SBS by helping students bring their speaking rights forward and by further developing their academic skills. Contact: or join our facebook group!


The Event Committee strives to uphold the social pillar within the association. By providing for our members an insight on the process of events planning as well as a platform to expand personal networks within the industry, we seek to expand their expertise within this organizational field of business. The committee also focuses on facilitating community growth, the events within the committee seek to bring together members of the association in an exciting manner that allows for members to experience, actualise and form lasting bonds of comradery, achieving the form of exposure our dynamic world needs. Contact: or join our facebook group! 


The Stockholm Business School Finance Society is the University’s leading professional and academic society devoted to the world of finance. Our mission is to connect students who share an enthusiastic interest and curiosity about investments, and wants to share knowledge and insight. We prepare our members for the success that awaits them in the global business world. By creating a community that help members to achieve their goals in the classroom, we constantly strive to improve our internal workshops and projects that will help you exceed tomorrow’s challenges. Together we will create the necessary building blocks for you to learn, achieve and enjoy your time at our University. By joining our community, you will open doors to new friendships, networking, professional growth and opportunities. Check out our webpage. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at: or join our facebook group!


The Business Committee operates as a link between the members of Föreningen Ekonomerna and the business world. Through projects, events and different roles, the Committee creates a good contact with the association’s partners and sponsors, and to the industry as a whole. BC is actively working to contact new companies and sponsors and establishing new partnerships. If you are curious about us contact us at or join our facebook group!


The Choir Club aims to provide social activities in the form of musical expression. This newly started club is open for the beginner and the professional, with the goal to perform at events held throughout the year. If you’re looking for a place to express yourself through music, or simply learn, this is the place for you. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at or join our facebook group! 


The International Committee (IC) is the first contact and meeting point for students at Stockholm Business School who are particularly interested in international studies, careers, contacts, and companies. Working closely with the Head of International Affairs and the Board of Föreningen Ekonomerna, the IC collaborates with the Association’s wide range of multinational connections, including but not limited to students, businesses, and enterprises. Contact us on: or join our facebook group!


The IT Committee aims to provide a bridge between the association and the world of IT through a number of different events with focus on study social, education, networking etc. As a member of the committee you will have great freedom and opportunity in helping us grow in new and fun directions. The events we have hosted, such as the biannual FIFA-tournaments called DreamFEST, have been great successes but with more members we could raise the scale as well as branch out into other forms av events and activities. The IT Committee is a great start for anybody wanting to be a part of the association. Contact: or join our facebook group!


The Marketing Committee handles the organization’s internal and external marketing. It involves everything from strategic marketing planning on how to best reach out to the public, to making movies, posters and other marketing materials. We host workshops and other activities with the purpose of marketing the organization. No prior skills required, if your interest lies within marketing and communication in any form, then the Marketing Committee is the meeting place for you. If you want to know more, contact us at: or join our facebook group! 


The Master’s Club is a meeting place for Master’s students to get to know their fellow classmates and students from the other programs. Our goal is to create a memorable masters’ student experience at Stockholm University. To do that, we provide opportunities for master’s students to engage with the community and become leaders for our various projects. Our club hosts both social and professional events. If you want to know more about the Master’s Club, please send an email to: or join our facebook group!


The Sports Committee is the committee that unifies all sports interested around campus. We arrange both tournaments and events within a variety of different sports. We also organize sports nights where we watch games together, an annual ski trip to the Alps and a surf trip to Portugal. We are a committee with much joy where it’s hard not to get engaged if you love sports. You can either be a project leader for one of our projects or you can offer your help in the events we organize. If you want to know more contact us at: or join our facebook page!


We keep old university traditions alive, party hard and bartend at all of the association’s events. If you want to know more, contact us at: or join our facebook group!